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Thursday, 30 September 2010

They are pink and they are here!

The Girls have arrived in the sock bunny shop on Folksy!  Twowence and Thelia Thock Thnake are waiting for new homes.  They can't wait to get rid of each other, always fighting and arguing, they can't see eyeball to eyeball on anything.

Widget is getting fed up having to stop their arguments, dodging their snakey tongues as they bicker.  Sometimes he just sits on their tongues to stop them.  One of the main topics of argument is hair.  Thelia has it and Thwowence doesn't.  Thelia flicks it around whenever she can, and this annoys her sister, and everyone else.  Thwowence's only come back is that she has a fancier pattern on her skin.


The Bunny Maker is sure that they would miss each other if apart, but it would have to be a strict owner who took on these two sisters!


They are hissing at each other in the shop >>>> HERE


  1. Agghhhhh Snakes!!! Cute yet still kinda creepy to me - I like animals that have legs - Preferably 4 of them!

  2. I could add legs but that would make then into sausage dogs - which is quite a cute idea!

  3. I got something new and pink already!