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Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm putting my foot down!

That's it!  No more!  The bunnies are getting far too good at ear-typing.  Widget and his pals have only gone and signed this blog up for a competition.  That's what happens when you leave them alone with nothing better to do.

Anyway - there it is.  You can vote for this blog HERE (there are only two pages, i'm probably right at the end of the second!) - which I would love you to do as its all a bit Norman No Votes at the moment!  I never win anything, except a packet of Fruit Pastiles I won for Bingo in the childrens' club on a cruise on the now-deceased Canberra when I was about 7.  I think they only gave them to me because I was sniveling about not ever winning anything.

So - apart from having to have a good talk to the bunnies about this and that, and to ban their ears from typing, let along sitting UP ON MY DESK and TOUCHING MY COMPUTER, I have added some more to the shop.

The autumn air is getting chillier and these two wouldn't have their photos taken without scarves.  And now they won't take them off.  Ho hum.  So, 'Bunnies With Scarves' are now in The Bunny Shop on Folksy.  I need them to find homes before my whole stock of bunnies ask for accessories for the winter!

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