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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Halloween Sock Bunny takes to the skies...

Widget and the bunnies are getting ready for Halloween.  This pleases The Bunny Maker as she is getting tired to Christmas lists being left on her workroom desk.  A welcome diversion from the long, long haul of day counting until the festive event.

Halloween Bunny has arrived - he came last night, flying in on the cold night air.  His cloak is rather marvelous and shimmers in the light....

Some of The Warren bunnies think its a bit show-offy and flashy, but its only because they are jealous!  The cloak is magic (apparently) and means that he can fly (apparently), although no one has seen him do it in the daylight yet.

Widget is muttering about 'smoke and mirrors'.  The Bunny Maker is tired of all this harumphing but is just glad that there is a respite from the Christmas present demands for a while!

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