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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Widget SockBunny: Super Model

Widget! Wake up!  You're going in the post today!

You are being posted off to Kirsten, of Quernus Crafts, she is going to make a little model of you.  A bit like this ...

and this ......

Only Widget shaped.  She might be making lots of you, and lots of you might be for sale.

So, if you wouldn't mind, could you just snuggle in this padded envelope?  Don't look so worried, Widge, it'll be okay, it's only a short trip!  When you get there you will have to sit very still whilst she models you.  Then, if it all goes well, and you don't twitch your ears too much, she might give you a nice carroty treat!


  1. Heeheee! How could this fail...the slightly unhinged Anna working with the slightly unhinged Kirsten - it's going to be immense!

    Best of British to you both (and Widget, obvs...although she is at the mercy of Royal Mail....yikes!)!

    Rach. x

  2. Baked Widget..oh no!

  3. Oh how fantastic!! Can't wait to see that collaboration!

  4. I have to say I feel immensely privileged that Widget has decided to pay me a personal visit :) I am looking forward to it very much and we will keep you all posted on how we get on :)

    Kirsten xx