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Monday, 25 October 2010

Widget, money-raising ambassador!

The other day Widget was packaged up and sent off to stay with Kirsten at Quernus Crafts.  She is going to measure him and squint at him and make a wee widget out of polymer clay.  It seems that he has been out and about.  Kirsten took him to met everyone at Ilkley Arts Market and Widget persuaded just about everyone to have their photo taken with him, for a small donation to the Rabbit Welfare Association.  Go Widget!
So, for your delectation and amusement, Widget, The Bunny Maker and all the other assorted sock things at The Warren presents .......
'Widget goes to Ilkley and raises money'.  
A slideshow, created on a steep learning curve in Google Docs by The Bunny Maker herself (who has had to have a little lie down).  Click on play (of course).

Thank you to Jo Whitehead who let a small bunny run wild at her event, and thank you to everyone who PAID to have a piccy taken with Widget.  A total of £20.00 was raised for the RWAF.  Woooo wooo!


  1. Oh, I enjoyed this slide show, thanks so much! He is quite the thelebrity, isn't he? (thorry, thtill biathed by thertain thnaketh)

  2. that was fun, Widget seems to have had a wonderful time!

  3. Widget did indeed have a wonderful time and he made a lot of people smile that day :) He's a very special Bun.