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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Busy, busy bunny bunny ...

Things are quite 'happening' at The Warren these days.  We all headed out to Winchester Handm@de on saturday last.  The Moveable Meadow was covered in a lovely blanket of snow (seasonally appropriate) and I can tell you that we didn't half shift some bunnies!  Everyone wanted one.  People wanted two.  Some people even came back for three!  Result = The Bunny Maker needs to get a shift on and make some more!

I have also been up to things.  Covering and sticking things. Without much know-how and planning I decided that the fabric stash had to be used for something and that most notebooks are way too dull .... so, I got out the PVA...

 .. and covered some of those notebooks.  I've started to help people with their websites and found that it is easier to have one notebook per website.  All those notebooks kinda need to stay together too so .. i did some sewing too.  I made them a nice mushroomy bag to live in.

I KNEW I bought all that fabric for a reason!  Now I am all organized - with all the website login, logon, admin, user, email, html stuffy stuff all laid out and easy to find.  I can kid myself that I am organized so easily.

That's it for the moment really.  Well, actually there is more stuff but I need to get some pictures off my phone (forgot the camera) and dig around for some other bits and pieces.  More bloggage soon ......

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