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Saturday, 4 December 2010

December at The Warren

The run-up to Christmas is always fun at The Warren, but this year there is something missing!  Widget, the bun himself, is away being modelled by Kirsten at Quernus Crafts.  There is no one to keep the other bunnies under control and it has all gone a bit pear-shaped.  Nosy has been trying to help ...

We have had a big whoofle of snow here too, meaning that Nosy and Spike get to stay in The Burrow workroom a good while longer. 

 They now have a semi-permenant structure taking shape.  This must be alarming Mr Bunny Maker somewhat, although he hasn't said anything. Yet.

Nosy and Spike have been getting into a whole heap of their own trouble. Left alone at night, not content with chewing the back out of the cardboard box house, they can't resist LIVE power cables.  I forgot to hook up my sewing machine one the other night ....

They killed it!  I'm suprised they didn't kill themselves!  Faced with bunny orders and no means to sew them I employed by Girl Guide knowledge and cut, spliced and re- wired the cable.  The sewing machine even works again.  I am smug.

In spite of the lack of Widget and the freezing weather, lots of new snow bunnies have arrived and are now waiting for you in the bunny shop.

By the way, If you give the bunnies a dedicated power cable, just for them, one you have no need of anymore, they won't touch it. It has to be plugged in!  I think they get a kick out of setting their teeth on edge!  Odd bunnies.

(I never was a Girl Guide).


  1. ouch! I can't wait to see what Quernus makes of Widget - what a great idea!

  2. ooh I'm surprised those buns didn't fuse all your lights! I think maybe you need something stronger than a cardboard hutch...

  3. I don't shut them in the cardboard box! They have the run of the workroom ..... they just like to get into small spaces, being bunnies. I put it there so they can do 'the bunny thing' and snuggle up in impossibly small spaces to feel safe.

  4. Tell your bunnies to be careful because electrickery is dangerous if you let it outr of its cables! Mummy said.