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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pact Animal Sanctuary, Norfolk - Call for help

Widget is busy writing a cheque ... (great ear control there, Widge!).

He read a message from the Rabbit Welfare Association about the Pact Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk that has just taken in a huge number of neglected bunnies found in terrible conditions.  There were more than 70 rabbits and babies, housed in filing cabinets.  Almost all the does are pregnant.  Some are sick with Myxomatosis and Syphilis.

Please visit their website and read more HERE and make a donation if you can.  £3.00 is the smallest and every bit helps.


  1. Thanks for flagging this up, Anna. I got your newsletter today, and I've just donated £5 to help out. Hope they can all be found new homes once they're tidied up and have had their ears brushed.

  2. Thank you so much! As a result of such viral news spreadage they have received lots of donations - including materials to build new housing and also a big palate of bunny food. The power of the internet at its best!

  3. hey gorgeous, left a {long} comment on your INSPIRE: Crafting for Health piece on UK Handmade {but can't seem to "see" it...maybe it needs approval first?}

    Thank you for sharing something very personal...you hit the nail on the head!


    hello gorgeous xxx