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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Bunny Maker is famous ... (she thinks)

Oh yes.  Oh yes indeed.  I have column inches.  I have almost a whole page.  I am featured in the latest issue of the RWAF magazine 'Rabbiting On'.

I would just like to say that that is NOT me sky-diving.  I am the one looking, with rather sickly expression, at the basket of bunnies.  Trying to get a photo of me not looking grim was very distressing and I had to employ heavy usage of the 'Photoshop Botox' tool.  I still think I look 25 and always get a nasty shock when I see the 'real me'.  I suppose you want to know what it says?  Okay .. *engage speed typing function*

Handmade help for real-life rabbits
Designer and bunny owner Anna Hull, who runs a small craft business selling sock bunnies from her West Sussex home, has come up with a novel idea to raise money for the RWAF.  And in just six months has raised an amazing £500.
The Handmade Bunny was founded on 1st August last year and is quickly becoming the 'in place' to look for beautiful handmade products inspired by our bunny friends.   The artists featured on the site all pay an annual subscription in the form of a donation to the RWAF.
The Handmade Bunny was born of her involvement with the handmade online community, combined with her passionate support of the RAWF's 'A Hutch is Not Enough' campaign.
Anna told Rabbiting On: "I was driving one day and this perfectly formed idea popped into my head, along with the phrase "handmade help for real-life rabbits".  That night I messaged as many people as I could to invite them to join the project, bought the domain and drew up the outline for the website.  Our cute bunny logo was donated by an online contact and within three weeks the site was up and running with twenty sellers on board.
"On the site we have a great range of items including silver jewellery, custom pet portraits, water colours, fabrics, toys, stationery and cushions.  Each piece is lovingly designed or made by hand by fabulous artists and designers and all feature our favourite furry friends.  These is also a 'Zoo' section with other animals from woodlice to dogs to unicorns," she said.
"I wanted people to discover what amazing things the people I know are making," Anna explained.  "I have my own shop online, selling my sock bunnies, and every day I come across beautiful things made by artist, just like me, who are struggling to show the world what they can do.  Selling online is extremely difficult and this is my way of doing a bit to help at the same time as raising money for a fantastic charity.  At The Handmade Bunny you can shop for your bunny-loving friends and help the bunnies you love at the same time!".

There you are - that's what it says!

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