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Thursday, 10 February 2011

In which The Bunny Maker nearly trips over ...

The Bunny Maker opened the door this morning and nearly tripped over.  Tripped over with surprise and because she nearly stood on three little bunnies.  Standing, shivering and a little damp, on the doormat were three Eastery Bunnies.

"How early are you?" She exclaimed, "I've only just got the Christmas ones packed away and put the Love Bunnies in the shop for Valentine's Day!"

"We know we are early," squeaked the bunnies, "but we really don't think that people will only buy us for Easter."

"I suppose so," said The Bunny Maker, "come on in then, you look very cold."

After hot chocolate and Wagon Wheels the bunnies were all warmed up and ready for their photograph to be taken.

They did have a little grumble about the three eggs being plastic and NOT chocolate but apart from that it all went rather well.  They are now, very excitedly, waiting in the bunny shop on Folksy for new homes, leaving The Bunny Maker grumbling about lack of space, too many bunnies, who's eating all the biscuits etc etc

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