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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In which The Bunny Maker has a spot of bunny trouble

It was going well.  There were new bunnies arriving to have their photos taken for the shop.  The Bunny Maker had everything all set up nicely, Wilf was posing ready for the shot, when she noticed something.  Something troublesome.

Wilf Sock Bunny

Can you see anything?  Yes, exactly.  Bunny chewing.  Real bunny chewing.  Nosy and Spike chewing.  Not only are they systematically trying to fell my work table by nibbling through the MDF legs but they are setting about remodelling my light tent.  Grrrrrrr.
But the miracle that is Photoshop came to the rescue and Wilf was retouched and cropped and got ready for his shop debut.
Wilf Sock Bunny
The Bunny Maker was left muttering (as she often is) about bunnies and real bunnies and chewing and nibbling and annoying pesky things .....

Wilf is looking for a new home and you can find him in the shop on The Bunny Makers NEW website.  It's very yummy and she is quite pleased with it.

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  1. heheheh cheeky bunnies!

    P.s. That linky doesnt work.