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Friday, 11 March 2011

In which The Bunny Maker gets new boxes and a handful of birds.

Things are getting done this week.  Not like last, but we won't go into that.

New boxes arrived yesterday.  The Bunny Maker found that the place she got her usual ones from weren't stocking that kind again, but they did have these acetate ones. 

Widget thought that these boxes were much nicer as he could see out. The Bunny Maker agreed, and said they seemed sturdier too and would do very nicely indeed.

The Bunny Maker has also given Widget a very special task, one he is not all that happy about.  He does such a good job of looking after the baby bunnies that she thought that he could do the same with these VERY early Easter chicks.

This little one took a real shine to Widget.  Widget is feeling a bit too fuzzled by all the feathers at the moment to decide whether he likes this new duty or now.  He is just muttering about Easter coming earlier and earlier and how he hopes they don't make a mess all over The Warren.

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