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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Working on a Wedneday

Okay - that sounds rubbish but I missed 'Monday in The Burrow' - and, well, it is wednesday and I'm kinda working. 'Kind of' because somewhere, buried within the house, is a plastic sensor alarm.  Buried by a child.  Every time the sun comes out it sets it off.  Deenaa deeenaaa deeenaaaa deeenaaaaaaa.  Can I find it? NO!  It only does it for a few seconds to I can't track it down via the sound.  My teeth are on edge.

I'm uploading purple bunnies to the shop today.  And, as spring is in the air, lots and lots of little baby buns will be arriving this week too.  Spring is certainly in the air, which is why the sun keeps coming out AND SETTING OFF THE DEENAAAAAAAAA ALARM!

Spike is in full pouffy moult.  He won't let me near him and I want to pluck out the loose tufts.  Its tantalizing and driving me insane! I need to pull them out!!!

Look at that big clump all loose there on his back!  I want it!!!!!  Spike knows what I'm up to and is watching me carefully from, what he thinks, are strategically safe places ...

I've been up to some crafty things too.  My bag, made to order, and used every day for ever and ever, from Noah's Art Crafts needed a new handle.

So it got two, and several nice buttons, then I got carried away and it got another pocket too.

The bunny order for Japan was packaged up and sent off.  They are all very excited and snuggled into their green grassy fur box lining.

What a noisy box load I had to take to the post office! Having to explain to the queue what all the chittering and squeaking was turned out to be quite difficult.
"You've got 25 bunnies in a box?!!" etc etc etc


RIGHT! That's it ... Sorry, I'm off to hunt for the darn thing ....

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  1. Hope you find the alarm! Know what you mean about the tuffs of bunny fluff - so annoying, it's lovely when you get to put out a few tufts!
    Your bag is gorgeous ♥