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Monday, 19 July 2010

The Doodle Schmoodle Project - Day 1

I love to doodle so it seemed fitting, meet and right to join in the Betty's Place Doodle Schmoodle Project. Betty's Place is home to all sorts of kitschy buttons and fandangles and is run by my lovely online pal Chantal of Hotdogandme fame. Every day for a month Chantal will post a doodle page for you to print and fill in with your wandering pen.  This is today's ....

And I began rather cheerily....

And realized that that what I would LIKE to look like but not what I actually feel I look like.  So I did another ...

Now I look like a melon-cauliflower.  The words say 'You have too much hair' and I may or may not have added the two tears for dramatic effect.  I wonder if my default state of being is a bit morose.  No wonder I need so many happy, bouncy bunnies in my life!

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bunny Trouble: A horrible horrible day...

On Monday morning my husband woke up and stretched.  He pulled up the blind in our bedroom and announced 'The bunnies are out in the road!'  WAHHHHHHHHHH!
Spike was on the front lawn - when I say 'lawn' I mean the little semi-circle of grass by our front door.

lop eared bunny rabbit

I hoofed it down the stairs, into the back garden grabbing the plastic carrier thingy and executed a sharp u-turn whilst grabbing the most favoured bunny treats.  Slowing to a remarkably calm walk, I glided out of the front door and gently place the carrier down on the drive.  Spike boinged into it and was 'hutched' pretty sharpish.  So far so good.

lop eared bunny rabbit

There was no sigh of Nosy.  None at all.  I didn't want to call him because I didn't want my eldest son to hear me calling and to find out that he was missing.  The driveways around we empty, the close we live in was empty.  Nothing.  I started to cry.  My son appeared in the front door, 'Mummy, what's happened' he said in alarm.  I cracked and sobbed 'We can't find Nosy'.  My first born boy let out the deepest, most heart-wrenching noise that I have ever heard coming from deep inside him. We clung to each other, me stroking his head, sobbing that it would be okay, and him gasping  'Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, I love them, Nosy, Nosy, bunnies', over and over.

lop eared bunny rabbit

My husband had rushed round to the neighbours to ask them to help, to see if they had got a small, grey, very nosy rabbit somewhere about their premises.  By now my head was filled with images of endless fields, hedgerows and hills with a small bunny softy hopping his way to danger in a big wide, wild world.  Spike was sitting silently in the run, not knowing what to do without his brother and soul mate.

lop eared bunny rabbit

Twenty long minutes pass as we silently walk around the driveways and front gardens.

"Look!!" shouted my lovely neighbour, pointing to one of the driveways.  Nosy was sitting right in the middle, with his little one up/one down ears.  Everyone rushed on mass towards him.  "NOOOOOOO!" I shouted, 'STOP!".  Running at rabbits means running rabbits.
I walked slowly towards him and he hopped over and right into the carrier I have put nearby.

This is it - the carrier.  It is just an ordinary affair.  My bunnies love it.  It has nothing in it, no food, nothing, yet they can't wait to get into it.  Why is that?

I have to admit that, there and then, with both bunnies safe, I crumpled into a sobbing ball of mixed anguish and relief, my son wrapped around the curve of my back, crying his eyes out.

My son is 11.  He has 42 soft toy bunnies on his bed.  He has always loved rabbits, and it is because of him that I started to make the sock bunnies.  He is part-boy/part-bunny.  It took us the best part of that day to recover, he and I, just talking over the awful feelings we had had and telling the bunnies over and over how much we loved them.  They had wormed their way out of a small space where the hutch run meets the hutch itself.  From now on, they will be closed into that hutch and I will be bringing forward the construction of their new, escape-proof, fox-proof all singing and dancing new home because I never want my boy to feel that pain again.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Sock Bunny Selling at Winchester Handm@de

 Yesterday we all trollied off to Winchester Handm@de to set up the Movable Meadow to find some very excited bunnies new homes.
I have a new top.  It's a very nice top and I have worn it three times.  It is white and linen.  You know what's going to happen.  First wearing, at a lovely summer party, I slopped red wine down it whilst demonstrating how the 'Bucking Sheep' operator was flicking the controls to buck people off.  Second wearing, bolognaise.  Third wearing, yesterday, coffee, all down the front.  It is now my 'Accident Top'.  So, looking stained, I self-consciously worried that people thought I was scummy .
I met lots of nice people who said they knew me 'online'.  I'm terrible with faces and names so I apologise if I had that blank yet flustered look.  Out of my comfort zone and stained does not make for good, confident first impression giving!
I made some carrots....

The Thnakes got accused of being draft excluders. Can you imagine?!  They were very indignant and started to get a bit rude to some customers.  I had to tell them off and tie a couple of their tongues together to stop them hissing (sorry, hithing) at people.

I bought three Bandit Bunnies from Flora's Hen House ...

 ..and sold lots and lots of sock bunnies.  I had a Tub Trug full, now it is half full.
I was also given a very lovely picture, drawn by a very pretty girl in lovely, summery dress. It was the nicest thing.

Due to lots of bunnies sales Widget got to put quite a lot of money into the Rabbit Welfare Association pot - 10% goes to them.  Lots of people picked up leaflets and I met a very nice lady, with her own bunnies, and we had a long chat about bunniness.

All in all I had fun, the snakes sulked (as usual), my top was dirty (again), I mumbled apologies for not recognizing people and my copious hair got in the way (ho hum)  but lots of sock bunnies round new homes, and that, basically is what it is all about.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sock Bunny News: The Oregon 12.

The largest number of bunnies from The Warren are living in Alaska, 33 in total have winged their way across the Atlantic to live there.  Second to this are the Oregon Bunnies and we have have just had some news in from them! 
 "It has been a long time since the latest bunny arrived here in Oregon, by the little sillies kept hiding the camera! There are now 12, yes 12, bunnies living here full time, with 2 here temporarily before they head off to a new home. There have been 16 little Sock Bunnies through this house now, and the bunch keeps begging me for more of their friends to come to stay. We shall see... their basket is getting full! 

sock bunnies in basket

The bunnies all say hi to you and their friends back in the UK. 
Best wishes overseas!"

I'm sure there is a little more room in that basket!  The Bunny Maker has just add some new bunnies to the shop too today .... Have a little visit to the Widget and Friends Sock Bunny Shop. 
Don't forget that the bunnies are on Etsy too, right here >>> Sock Bunnies on Etsy