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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Bunny Maker or The Monster Maker?

The Bunny Maker suddenly had an urge.  It all started when she shrank her nicest top in the wash.

Tank Designs on Lasso The Moon (they do adult sizes!)

It was from Tank Designs and made of lovely Merino wool, which, incidentally, needs a nice cool wash, not slapped in the machine with the school polo shirts at 80 degrees!  It came out very small and perfect for a 2 year old girl!

She took it out of the machine, took one look, and though 'Oh No!" and then "OOO I can make a monster out of it!".  So she did.

Snortle Monster

Now, The Bunny Maker has discovered that Monsters have very cute personalities and it's going to be hard to part with them.  She has made some others too ..

Tatty Monster

 Big Red Hugger Monster

Now she's not sure what to do with them.  The house is filled with such things.  Should she put them into the shop? 

(If you want to get hold of The Bunny Maker, you'll find her in her wardrobe, looking for old jumpers .... and heading for the washing machine!)

They are pink and they are here!

The Girls have arrived in the sock bunny shop on Folksy!  Twowence and Thelia Thock Thnake are waiting for new homes.  They can't wait to get rid of each other, always fighting and arguing, they can't see eyeball to eyeball on anything.

Widget is getting fed up having to stop their arguments, dodging their snakey tongues as they bicker.  Sometimes he just sits on their tongues to stop them.  One of the main topics of argument is hair.  Thelia has it and Thwowence doesn't.  Thelia flicks it around whenever she can, and this annoys her sister, and everyone else.  Thwowence's only come back is that she has a fancier pattern on her skin.


The Bunny Maker is sure that they would miss each other if apart, but it would have to be a strict owner who took on these two sisters!


They are hissing at each other in the shop >>>> HERE

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Handmade Bunny Giveaway Winner is picked

Phew! That was fast!  Thank you so much to all of you who signed up for the first Handmade Bunny Giveaway.  It was all over in a few hours and, as soon as this one is finished I'll be launching another one, as we exceeded the 25 people signing up.

The bunnies have been quite bored today, it's raining and they really don't like getting damp ears, so a few gathered round to see what was happening.  Carl offered his felt basket to hold the entries and Widget dithered as usual.

He said it 'needed stirring' and spent far too long finding a suitable spoon.  Everyone got a bit impatient but, at last, the winner was picked.

YAY!  Everyone clapped and 'Happy' bunny got down into her jute bag ready to be packaged up.
"Hang on," said The Bunny Maker, "We need her address before we can send you off."

Congratulations to Sarah-Beth - We will be in touch!

Monday, 13 September 2010

It's Flopped.

It's a day I thought I would never see, I hoped I would never see.  It is happening.  Nosy's ear is flopping.  Boooooooooooooooo.

I loved it like this ...

I am sad, he looks odd but least I can tell which is which!

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Bunny House is Finished!

It's done.  It cost twice as much as it was meant to and is twice as fabulous as I hoped.

Inside there are up bits and down bits, corners for hiding in and straw for drying off and being cosier in.  There is a chair for me and somewhere to put a nice cup of coffee.

The sleeping area in the Wendy house has a smaller hutch in it, now filled with straw and baskets for curling up in when it's very cold.  As the nights get chiller and colder I'll just keep adding deeper and deeper straw and hay for them.  Their favourite spot is up on the top there, so they can see out of the windows!

Something new arrived today too - to complete everything.

It took them about 2 minutes to notice it but then they spent a good twenty going in and out, in and out, in and out ... you get the idea.
My favourite bit is still 'the tunnel'.

I have now fulfilled my childhood dream of having one of those play houses, the ones with the ladder up to an upstairs and little windows.  I've always wanted one of them and tried desperately to argue for one for my own children.  My plan was too transparent though! Now can rearrange all the plants and boxes, sweep things and plant flowers around the door.  My fantasy has been fulfilled.  In life, that is a good thing.
And to think, this is what the pet store sold me as a 'large run'.  Nosy and Spike can't even stand up in it.  Disgraceful.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Bunny Family in need: Can you help?

A terrible thing has happened.  An incident with an over-filled water-butt meant a total washout for parts of The Warren.  This little family have lost their Daddy Bun and are in need of a new home.  Their burrow was totally washed away, along with the carrot stores they were laying down for the winter.

Is there anyone out there who can look after them?  Anyone who might have a Daddy Bunny?  Those two little girls are going to need a father in the future, Mini Bun is already wanting her ears pierced and needs a firm hand in these matters.
You can find them the bunny shop on Folksy.... HERE

Monday, 6 September 2010

Time to catch up!

Where did that summer go?  Wahoooosh! ... and it was gone!  We caught 1472 crabs in total for 2010 and balanced a lot of stones....

Now it's all back to school again. My biggest little boy has started secondary school....


Things around The Warren have been a-happening too.  Since we have had Nosy and Spike, our bunnies, they have been slowly taking over.  Not content with their big hutch and two runs, the conversion is now finished!!  LOOK!

Dun ... dun ...duuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.  Bunny Heaven! 

The junk-holding Wendy house is now their *ahem* bedroom, with a weatherproof tunnel through to the ..er ... living room.

Inside the 'bedroom' is another hutch, £15 off ebay (bargainous bargain).  It's way too small to ever have housed a rabbit (shudder) but is perfect to fill with hay for them to cosy into on cold nights.

The 'living room' has a big shelfy thing which I will spend many happy an hour arranging ramps and ledges, hiding places, and sniffing holes around.

I couldn't resist, a big, wet patch of concrete?  Custom drawn floor by The Bunny Maker!  The whole shebang cost twice as much as originally quoted, as these things always do.  But, might as well do it properly, eh?
*shakes piggy bank pointlessly*
All it needs now is lots of runways, boxes, planks, hay, food, water and .... bunnies!