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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In which The Warren gets bigger ..

We have an addition to The Warren.  The Bunny Maker went to the pet shop and tried very hard not to give a home to any unwanted bunnies there.  It was hard.  Very hard, especially as there was a beautiful 14 month old girl.  Her owner had to pay out £200 in dental bills because she fed her the wrong food and all the teeth had grown too long and painful.  She stormed back to the pet store and dumped the bunny back on them!  It makes me veerrrry angry - but, I won't go into that.  Today is for celebration!

Welcome to Scooter!

He's a 5 month old male Chinese Dwarf Hamster.  He was up for re-homing as no-one had bought him or seemed to want him.  I have no idea why because he is adorable, gentle and sweet. He has no inclination to nip or bite and, as seen in the picture, likes to sleep under his wheel (which I removed to take the pic).  He's not what I went in for but he's what I came out with!!

Wake up Scooter!

Mr Bunny Maker is NOT amused.  He muttered about 'animals ALL over the place' but was told to stop being so horrible by all three Bun Sons, and it was pointed out to him that Scooter's house is about the size of our bread machine and he, himself, is no larger than a plum.  In the face of the truth of such minimal impact, Mr Bunny Maker, not having a leg to stand on, humphed off with resignation, muttering about light snacks and toilet flushing. This elicited Bun Son squarkings of high volume and The Bunny Maker left them to it.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The BOGOF Bunny Bonanza!

To celebrate Widget reaching 1500 friends on Facebook The Bunny Maker is running a 'buy one get one free' bonanza for March.

Yup - you buy one and ... er ..... you get the picture.  Bunnies bought this week will also come with red noses - and £1.00 donated to Comic Relief.
Widget has his ..

Get to the shop >>>>> BOGOF BUNNIES

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Warren opens up for Bunny Holiday!

Its been a long time in the planning but, like spring, it has finally arrived! The Warren Bunny Boarding is now open for business.  There's a website ... www.sussexbunnyboarding.co.uk

And THE BEST bunny accommodation EVER for your buns. I've maxed out on space - the largest housing covers 81 square feet - not including access to the lawn. I'm thinking of moving in myself!  We've also got space for Guinea Pigs, rats, mice, gerbils etc etc plus I would love to look after some reptiles too.
The website has loads and loads of pictures of the accommodation on it, so I won't post any here but you can look HERE.

This area above is going to be for Nosy and Spike now.  It's down the side of the house, away from the main garden.  The shed at the back is going to be converted for them, the fence has been bunny proofed with wire, there is going to be a nice fence and gate thingy where I am standing taking the picture.  The flower beds there have been cleared - mainly so I could wire the fences - but also to mamke way for lots of bunny friendly herbage. The kitchen door is just on the right there - so, they will be able to hop in and out of the house and still be safe.  I've bought a three storey hutch for them, to go into the shed.  They iz spoilt bunz!

The Warren has its first guests booked in - two bunnies and three guineas. I'm really very excited.  I've bought lots of exciting things from the garden centre too - but you'll have to wait for the next post for that .....

Friday, 11 March 2011

In which The Bunny Maker gets new boxes and a handful of birds.

Things are getting done this week.  Not like last, but we won't go into that.

New boxes arrived yesterday.  The Bunny Maker found that the place she got her usual ones from weren't stocking that kind again, but they did have these acetate ones. 

Widget thought that these boxes were much nicer as he could see out. The Bunny Maker agreed, and said they seemed sturdier too and would do very nicely indeed.

The Bunny Maker has also given Widget a very special task, one he is not all that happy about.  He does such a good job of looking after the baby bunnies that she thought that he could do the same with these VERY early Easter chicks.

This little one took a real shine to Widget.  Widget is feeling a bit too fuzzled by all the feathers at the moment to decide whether he likes this new duty or now.  He is just muttering about Easter coming earlier and earlier and how he hopes they don't make a mess all over The Warren.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Working on a Wedneday

Okay - that sounds rubbish but I missed 'Monday in The Burrow' - and, well, it is wednesday and I'm kinda working. 'Kind of' because somewhere, buried within the house, is a plastic sensor alarm.  Buried by a child.  Every time the sun comes out it sets it off.  Deenaa deeenaaa deeenaaaa deeenaaaaaaa.  Can I find it? NO!  It only does it for a few seconds to I can't track it down via the sound.  My teeth are on edge.

I'm uploading purple bunnies to the shop today.  And, as spring is in the air, lots and lots of little baby buns will be arriving this week too.  Spring is certainly in the air, which is why the sun keeps coming out AND SETTING OFF THE DEENAAAAAAAAA ALARM!

Spike is in full pouffy moult.  He won't let me near him and I want to pluck out the loose tufts.  Its tantalizing and driving me insane! I need to pull them out!!!

Look at that big clump all loose there on his back!  I want it!!!!!  Spike knows what I'm up to and is watching me carefully from, what he thinks, are strategically safe places ...

I've been up to some crafty things too.  My bag, made to order, and used every day for ever and ever, from Noah's Art Crafts needed a new handle.

So it got two, and several nice buttons, then I got carried away and it got another pocket too.

The bunny order for Japan was packaged up and sent off.  They are all very excited and snuggled into their green grassy fur box lining.

What a noisy box load I had to take to the post office! Having to explain to the queue what all the chittering and squeaking was turned out to be quite difficult.
"You've got 25 bunnies in a box?!!" etc etc etc


RIGHT! That's it ... Sorry, I'm off to hunt for the darn thing ....