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Friday, 27 February 2009

Ever feel you are being watched?

This week I've been having a good old clear out of my workroom. I am not a tidy person. I spread. That's what I've been told. I spread. Like marmite? or like jam? I'll have to ask. Anyway, I have been clearing out and painting around things. I've done a whole load more of the walls and overhauled as I went. Very quickly it became obvious that I am not the only resident of my room. I have 'other things with eyes' all over the place. Above is just a small selection. We have Hooverer (made from a sock), some funky vinyl toys, Basildon, Eco Eric, three Pokemon: Camerupt, Whooper & Pilloswine, Ruby the bunny, Puppy and Pete the Pirate.
Is this normal?
And lets not forget that, of course, everyone has one of these, don't they?

Book Monster - Guardian Of The Kitchen Bookcase

Monday, 23 February 2009


The Warren is positively shaking with excitement today! Global Bunny is going into school to meet Mr O'Grady who is then going to take her home and then to .... Kenya!!!
The bunnies have all been scurrying over the table map to see exactly where it is and which countries she will be flying over. This will be her first plane journey and she has spent ages tucking herself up in her bed, getting her travelling position comfy and generally rearranging the contents of the case.

So, the big question is ... What exactly is in that suitcase?

Look at all that stuff, little bunny! Are you sure you need to take all that?! The answer is an emphatic yes! So, I suppose we had better take a tour....

BUNNY TRAVEL DIARY - handmade by hmsDesign on Folksy
PURSE FOR FOREIGN COINS - handmade by Materialised - a Uk seller on Etsy
BLANKET - handmade by Nifty Knits on Folksy
TOY BUNNY - handmade by Winsome Hollow on Etsy

HmsDesign --- NiftyKnits -- Materialised -- Winsome Hollow

Global Bunny will be back in one weeks time, hopefully with exciting adventures to tell an pictures too. They will all be posted here right away.
Good luck, little travelling bun! See you when you get back!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

How not to decorate your workroom.

I have decided that these 'How Not To' posts will be a regular thing. It started with How not to put a map on a kitchen table. So, pay attention, this is Chapter Two - "How Not To Decorate Your Workroom".

Today I have been painting up some little fishies ready to go off to the lovely Green Tree Gallery in Sussex. Look, there they all are, all lined up and looking lovely - not quite finished but on their way. And, do you know what I decided about two thirds of the way through? Yep - I decided that the blue I was doing one fish with would make a lovely blue for the walls. My room is the only one still painted in the previous owners dull as ditchwater colour scheme - a cold, murky, pale greyish blue - guaranteed to make even the dullest day even duller. Lovely. So, right there and then I started painting the walls. Did I first remove everything from the room? No. Did I cover up or move my little fishies, so lovingly painted? No. Did I get a roller from the garage? No. Did I chose a very small brush from my collection and just starting painting round everything? Yes! Good grief! Why? And I'm tutting at the blue splatters on an already painted wooden bird!

It takes me ages, with this wee brush. Why don't I get a larger on? I've got the radio on and I'm listening to Radio 5 Live and having a lovely time, with my little brush and my lovely turquoise paint. Then I did a very mad thing - I re-hung my wooden stuff on the walls before it was properly dry. What is wrong with me? Has impatience reached a new level? Is it just that I can't bear to break to do anything so much so that it has to have the minimum of inpact on me? Was that last sentence English?

This is all because I have a new blind coming. A lovely blind. One of extreme funky big floweriness being made up by a friend who can do clever things such as making blinds. When it arrives I will show you my blind and you will love my blind. You will.

See those awful walls? "Soon they will be beautiful", you say. But remember the two pictures above? That was a few days ago. They still look the same today. I have not painted them anymore that what you can see. This is typical. I have painted exactly where the blind will be. This means that the blind will be put up and I will not bother to paint the rest of the room the rest of the room! My attitude stinks. 1/10 for effort.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


We have some new arrivals at The Warren! Little pinkies! This one pictures is Mo. Do you notice anything? If you look very closely? I'd better tell you then. She is sporting one of the new 'sockbunny' labels on her sleeping bag. The bunnies LOVE them. They are all bouncy around squeaking "Look at mine! Look at mine!" even though they are all just the same. There are about 5 new ones just arrived. If you pop over the bunny shop you will see them there.

Global Bunny is due back soon - and the bunnies have been arguing over which land mass actually is Kenya - even though I keep telling them. Added to all this excitement is the journey that another two bunnies are about to undertake. They are off to the far east! Oh no! You say! That sounds ominous! Don't worry - I am finding out how I can have my OWN socks made - yes, my own design of sock! That would be wonderful!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


All the interviews have now taken place. I've seen powerpoint presentations, flip-chart diagrams, listened to poetry, pleedings and constructive arguements about why each one is suitable for the task but one little bunny shone through.
She is not the biggest bun but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in courage. She is tenacious and brave, cheerful and loving. I know she will be a wonderful ambassador for The Warren.
Her suitcase is almost packed - we are just waiting on one last thing for her to take. She will be handed to Mr O'Grady on friday after the bunny send-off party on thursday night.
I'm excited for her and a little sad too - such a weeny bunny going out into such a big, wide world..

Saturday, 7 February 2009

*Drum roll* ... New designs!

What a bloomin' miracle! Half an Acre has managed to produce some new designs! Okay okay not new shapes but just new arrangements of paint and spots. Don't get too excited! I am thrilled to have discovered brown. You heard me. Brown. I thought I would never ever say that. When I say that I'm liking beige then you know something is VERY wrong. Thing is ... a while ago My Friend Tor (there is an in-joke there which I will leave for her even though I know she will never, ever, ever get round to reading this!) commissioned me to do her some snakes and lizards to go in her new white bathroom (very nice too). She wanted BROWN. And that is how I said it - "BROWN?". "Yes, brown", she said, "to match the doorstop". Obviously. Right. Brown then. The brown was a lush chocolatey brown and I put big white spots onto it with orange middles and Oh my goodness that looks REALLY nice! A lil' bit o lime green, a lil' bit of light blue and WOWZERS that looks fantastic! I am a brown convert. So, inspired by all this I've decided to do some more and add them to my shop. Brown and fuschia pink is a great combination.
Delicious? Thought so! You can find them, and a load more in my FOLKSY shop and over on ETSY too. No excuses now!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Oh my goodness! What excitement this morning! I looked out of the window and look what had happened in the half an acre where The Warren is.
Look what all those little bunnies did! They must have used a complex system of winches and pulleys to manage to make something so big and cold. They didn't have their scarves on either, which I am a bit annoyed about, so they were all shivering when I found them out there.
Guess who DID have theirs on though! Geocache bunny is so proud of his new one - knitted by The Bunny Maker.
A very large and out of control snowball fight followed with several bunnies getting lost in the centre of snowballs and ending up with bumped ears and sore noses. I gathered them all up and took them inside for hot chocolate. There are some very tired and happy bunnies in The Warren tonight! I can hear little snores as I am typing this. Sssshhhhhhhhhh.