Welcome to my blog. I am 'The Bunny Maker' - aka Anna, confuzzled mother of three boys, maker of sock bunnies for Widget and Friends, owner of The Warren Bunny Boarding and artist behind Half an Acre. Come on in and join the madness!

Sunday, 28 February 2010


We are pleased to announce that the sock bunny beds are now in the shop.  Available in blue and pink - with lovely spotty bits - they also come with a soft mattress and comfy pillow.

They have been designed to stack too - so you can do the bunk bed thing.  The bunnies have been stacking them up to see how high they can go and the answer is .... pretty high!
The Easter Sock Bunnies have been arriving - bouncing around the place, getting the others over-excited with talk of chocolate and egg-hunting.  They look a bit like cup cakes, don't they?

They are telling everyone that they are 'extra special' and 'limited' so we are guessing that that means there won't be that many of them.  In fact, The Bunny Maker put four into the shop a day or two ago and three have gone to new homes already!  Quick! Quick!  You're going to have to be quick especially as they all come with a little drawstring bag of choccy eggs!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Bunny Maker never could resist a bag.

It started with an innocent link on Twitter to the gorgeous Fabric Rehab website.  There was much virtual oooing and ahhhing and suddenly I'd requested a custom bag from Noah's Ark Crafts.  I told her what I wanted and she made it! Simples.


The outer fabric is soft, soft baby cord and inside is a funky mushroom retro print...  and, look! an inside pocket ..

All my bits are moved into it and my lovely, lovely sand-dollar bag made by Willywaw is having a little rest after nearly 2 years haulage.

The Fabric Rehab site is a dangerous place to browse.  I accidentally bought this little bundle the other week ..

And whilst I was waiting for that image to upload I've put a whole load of Fat Quarters into my shopping cart.  I am so weak.  I have no purpose for these fabrics, I just want to stack them up in beautiful, luscious piles on shelves in my workroom.  Ho hum.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


We have been asked a question - so we will answer! We will indeed....

Hello Mrs Bunny Maker and Widget,

We thought we better let you know that we are all okay and are living happily together here in sunny South Wales . We would like to know whether apart from the warren itself are we the biggest collective of Warrenettes ? later on in the week we might send you a photo of our warren party when we get together with our 4 warren friends from up the road and our 2 who live down the road - as you can tell we are having a really good social life here
Lots of love Loralie,Watson, Wol,Private B and George the Thnake

Thank you so much for sending in such lovely picturesm everyone looks very happy!  I'm sorry to say that you aren't the biggest collective of Warren Bunnies - oh no.  The Farthest Most Northern Division of The Warren is. When that blog post was written only a relative handful of bunnies had gone to live there but, to date, a grand total of 33 bunnies have travelled to Alaska to live with BunMum, and only three we know of have been sent from there to other homes. There are no snakes there though!  
So - The Bunny Maker would like to suggest that you now buy another 28 bunnies pronto, to overtake and then you will indeed be The Largest Collective.  Tee hee. 


Sunday, 14 February 2010



Dear Bunny Maker and the Warren,

The Bunnies would like to apologize for taking so long to write, Shy Brown SockBunny hid the camera so they were unable to take pictures for the longest time. Silly Bun. But all 3 did arrive here in Portland, Oregon safely! Shy Brown arrived first, and promptly hid the camera. She didn't want her picture taken for ages.. it took Bat Bun to convince her it was safe. All 4 are settled in... they commandeered the house that had been bought for the 2 real bunnies living here. I took pictures to prove it! They like sitting on the sofa watching movies, and eventually they checked out the real bunnies... Bat Bun had to go first, to show the others it was okay... then they stood there for hours staring at the little black bunny hopping around on the other side of the fence. Who builds fences indoors, anyway? FC, Shy, Purple, and BatBun all wish the best to their friends over in England, and would like to say that it is REALLY nice not having to hop through the snow to get anywhere here in Oregon. Purple is already coming up with plans to get more of their friends over here, especially with the news that bunk beds may be available soon...

Good wishes from the Oregon Bunnies!


Saturday, 13 February 2010

AND THE WINNER IS ..........

*drum roll*

Sprinkle McHoppykins and Loveybelle 
- names chosen by Andreanna.

The Bunny Maker's son chose the winning names, aided by one or two bunnies. They kept whispering their favourite choices and tickling his ears with their fuzziness until he told them all there would be NO MORE CARROTS. That shut them up for sure.


It was all a bit of a shambles this morning as we packed up the bunnies with their beds ready for their journey to Switzerland.  The bunnies formed an annoyingly wobbly pyramid to scale the box to help.  It all went bunny-shaped ...


A big broom soon cleared the bunnies out of the way and the parcel was taken to the post office.  Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway - there were 55 entries in total.
A new batch of eight beds has just arrived and they will be painted and put into the shop when The Bunny Maker, the bunnies and the Thnakes get back from their much needed holiday.  "The Bunnies Get Lost in Madeira" will no doubt be the next blog post!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Bunny Bed Give-Away Rumbled!

Some of you may have seen Widget's blog post about a give-away. He thinks The Bunny Maker doesn't know about it, the silly bun. He's been hogging the laptop and typing away for hours today - and he has been caught taking some photos of the beds earlier too.
Lets not tell him that he's been rumbled just yet!

handmade wooden beds for sock bunnies 

The thing is, Widget can't really chose the names for the bunnies as he can't read that well (luckily he can find spell check!) so it will actually be The Bunny Maker's Son Number One who is to choose the winner.  It is all his fault after all, if it wasn't for his total love of soft toy bunny rabbits all this would never have happened.

You can read all about the giveaway on the bunnies' blog HERE.  Its very simple to enter :D

The Bunny Bed Give-Away has arrived!

Hello, It's me, Widget.
I've been practicing my ear-typing for ages and am getting quite speedy.  I'm typing on behalf of all the bunnies at The Warren to announce the start of 'The Bunny Bed Give-Away' but, Shhhhhh, don't tell The Bunny Maker, she knows NOTHING about it.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

She designed little wooden beds for us. These two are the prototypes.  You know, the first ones, ones to make sure they fit and match etc. They even stack to make bunks!  How cool is that?  I wonder just how high they could go!

Anyway - the thing is, there are two bunnies here who really, really want new homes and The Bunny Maker hasn't put them into the shop yet.  She hasn't even given them names!  How unhelpful is that?!  They are very unhappy so we, the bunnies, thought we would find them nice names and a lovely new home too.

Everyone had a big bunny meeting when The Bunny Maker was out shopping and came up with the idea for a give-away.  So these two bunnies are up for the giving, complete with beds and their own bedding!
They are cuddly, well behaved buns and always make their beds in the morning. But they need names.  Yes, they are nameless buns!  So it is over to you ....

If you think you have two great names for these bunnies and would like to give them a much needed home .....

on Facebook and become a fan.
Or click on the link in the sidebar here.
2. Post you two bunny names on the wall or leave them in the comments here if you prefer (but become a fan first!)
3. The closing date is Friday 12th February 2010 at midnight GMT.

4. I, Widget, will pick the best two names from those suggested and the bunnies will have a new home! YAY!  Posting will take place the next day!

If you are already a fan then enter you chosen names in the comments here.

Hey! I thought you two made your beds and kept them tidy!

Please, please don't tell The Bunny Maker about all this!  She is really pleased with the beds and might be a bit cross that they are being given away.  I'll have to tell her soon, but not just yet.

Enjoy the giveaway!

(Psssst! Bunny Maker here - Widget won't be choosing the names, The Bunny Maker's Son Number One will) 


Tea, Gossip and Gnomes!

Berry Bunny has got in touch with us.  YAY!  She has sent some wonderful pictures of her new home in Switzerland with Glamasaurus and her family.


Tea and doughnuts!  I have to say that that looks very civilized indeed. Berry is obviously in good company.

Now I have been told that these little birds are the source of all gossip.  How did they know that bunnies love a bit of tittle tattle, especially over a cup of tea.

Back at The Warren Berry was merely a bunny amongst bunnies but here, amongst the resident gnomes, she is a Long-Eared Giant! Berry feels very important.
Now - The Bunny Maker is going to have to have a word about all those doughnuts or this bunny will be a very fat bunny indeed....