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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Maud Sockbunny

Little Maud Sockbunny went off to live with SugarandRhubarb, maker of Ninja Sock Kitties, a while ago.  This letter has just arrived for Widget and the bunnies.

Hi Widget,
I've finally found some time to report back on Maud's arrival. She had to travel far to reach us, through the jungle and the snow. 

 On the way she met some friendly creatures, Wilf the Gnome was one, but she soon realised he wasn't her new BFF.

 Finally she found where she'll be spending the rest of her bunny days.. it was a struggle to fit through the letterbox, but she managed it in the end.

 When she got inside she found Itty Bitty The Ninja Kitty and they're the best of friends. Which is great considering that Itty Bitty has always been a bit of a lonely soul... he doesn't play with us much, instead we find strange world domination plans dotted around the house. Anyway Maud seems to be bringing out his more playful side, today they figured out that they can fit into a jar together.... CUTE!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Buddha Bun's New Home.

A little while ago The Bunny Maker received a very interesting and challenging custom bunny order.  A Buddha Bunny.  It had to be yellow and have a peaceful expression - oh, and to be fat, very fat.


He was so fat that he almost didn't fit into his traveling box.  Luckily he didn't weight too much and the postman agreed to deliver him to his new home.  
Today the bunnies received a message from his new owner, the appropriately named Buddist Musician.

"We were very excited to be handed a package this morning by our postman. When I opened it, this serene fellow popped his head out.

As with any new visitor to our house, the dogs had to check him out first. Bryan had a little sniff, but Tilly was a bit nonchalant about the small newcomer.

Buddha Bun decided it was safe to hop out of his box, so introduced himself to Ganesh. They had a very intense conversation (although I couldn't hear what they were saying).

After using all that brainpower, Buddha Bun had a bit of a chillax with Fat Buddha (it's what he does best).

Then, with his energies replenished, Buddha Bun thought maybe he should make friends with the furry, four legged ones as he's going to be living with them now. He snuggled up nicely to Bryan. Tilly was still a little ambivalent about Buddha Bun, even when he snuggled up to her leg and showed her his lovely face.

We are looking forward to lots of adventures with him, and I think he'll have a nice time at our house."

Thank you for sending in the lovely pictures, Buddist Musician!  The bunnies are really happy to see such a lovely new place for him to live but there are a little worried about that doggie Tilly, she doesn't look at all happy about sharing!

Monday, 25 January 2010


Little Aubery Sockbunny has gone to live with a dragon!  "Surely that will be dangerous?" cried the bunnies at The Warren.  The Bunny Maker assured them that Eldritch was indeed a dragon but was a very gentle one and needed a friend in the shape of a bunny.
Eldritch was very excited and waited and waited for Aubery to arrive...  even when he did arrive he still had to wait EVEN longer.

Eldritch was very worried.  Aubery would have been in his travelling box for a few days now, surely he must be hungry?  And did he have enough air in there?  He was relieved to see Aubery bounce up out of his box with a big smile on his face.

Eldritch and Aubery were VERY pleased to meet each other.  Eldritch took care to read the instructions included in the traveling box.  He tried on his new bunny badge.

Aubery told Eldritch that he was really, really, really hungry. He'd had to wait at the parcel office overnight and only had some shredded tissue to nibble on.  Eldritch took him out for dinner.

Aubery couldn't believe his luck!  More sweetcorn that he could ever eat AND nachos covered in cheeeeeese! Yummmmmm.
With warm, full tummies the two new friends went happily home for a long, long, digestive snooze.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

A thing happens to the Bunny Maker

Yesterday The Thing happened to me again.  The Thing were I end up doing something I had no intention of doing.  I went into my work room to fetch something, forgot what that something was and started a room overhaul instead. 

As you can see from the picture, things always get worse before they get better.  I shifted out some furniture, digging stuff out from underneath like a dog after a buried bone.

Urgh. It was horrible.  At one point I had blocked myself in and with 1 sq ft of floor space and no access to the doorway I was pathetically turning on a sixpence moving piles from one side to the other, neither clearing nor tidying.  Just moving mess.
Then, as suddenly as it was started, it was done .... done dun dun dun duuuun!

There are now 'designated areas'.  Oooooooooo.
This, above, is For Painting and below is For Bunny Making.

It doesn't look a whole lot tidier but you will have to trust me on this one, it IS.

In three days exactly it will look as if there had been no sorting and tidying gone on whatsoever.

I have learnt that I am really, really, really messy.  I moan about the mess round the house, things dumped on surfaces, clothes on the floor. I try to blame it on the boys.  It was an odd realization that 85% of it was created by me.  Damn.

I now know why I started.  I'd been blog browsing and enviously oooing and ahhing over some gorgeous pictures of other people's workrooms.  All white, all shelved with matching baskets in lines and piles upon piles of neatly folded fabric and little jars of buttons.  Aha! I know why!  I exclaimed.  They have soooooo much time because they aren't selling anything, that's what it is! YAY! They can fold and stack and dust and line up all day long.  I, on the other hand, am nestling bunnies into boxes, packaging up, stitching and sewing all day. You see, the messier your workroom, the busier you are and therefore the more successful you are.  Sorted.  Justified.  Job done.

I still haven't remembered what I went into my room for in the first place.

Friday, 22 January 2010


On Wednesday Widget went on a very exciting trip to Kitty Pinkstar's Wishing Tree in Upton Park, Poole.  He had been feeling fired up and brave after his trip to the butchers - deciding that perhaps bunnies can do things on their own in the big human world.  He also had a wish to make.  A very important wish, for a bunny at least.
He called his pal, Hotdog Hannah to see if they could meet up.  The answer was a big YES!
After much planning and excitement they discovered that The Wishing Tree was 'quite a long way off'.  Two hours a long way off to be precise.  Widget decided that, brave though he was, he did in fact need the Bunny Maker to take him there, and Hotdog needed her human to drive too and she agreed to take a day off from making more Hotdogandme doggies to make the trip.

They met at The Peacock Tearooms in the park.  The Bunny Maker was very pleased to meet Hotdog's human.  Widget has brought lots of organized Wishing Tree finding equipment; a map, binoculars and his special compass.  Before they set off for the tree they need to deal with some important business - carrot cake.

Hotdog and Widget set to work.  It took a while .... but they got throught it.  Hotdog needed a lie down!

After a digestive snooze, Widget and Hotdog were ready.  They studied the map which, incidentally, the Bunny Maker had drawn INCORRECTLY.  Can you believe it?  A human, so useless?  Pish, should have got a bunny to draw it!

Widget wrote his wish on one of the tags that The Bunny Maker had brought.  He worried that she had blue ones when Kitty was so pink.  Surely a totally thoughtless oversight?  Oh well, it was too late to change them.

Widget manned the binoculars, to check for danger, foxes and a clear path to tree.  He used his Bunny Scout Knowledge to check the wind direction, angle of the sun, the alignment of Jupiter with Saturn and the wind from the left.
"Come on, Widge" grumbled the Bunny Maker.

They all set off.  Suddenly, there it was, glowing, a shimmer of colour on the dullest of English January days.

Widget and Hotdog tied their wishes to the tree and then demanded, yes, demanded, a photograph.

Widget hopped around the tree, getting all wet and muddy and the announced he'd like a picture taken with this wish.

Widget!  Honestly!  I really thought you would wish for something a little less altruistic!
After reading ALL the wishes on the tree Widget found his favourite ...

Thursday, 21 January 2010


"I was sent out to fly over the ocean on the coldest of winter days!
And when I arrived, I was greeted by my old friend TJ! She noticed I still had a chill, as I had been waiting outside in the mailbox most of the day. She said she understood and remembered that same box not long ago! 

So, she made a cup of hot chocolate that was just wonderful! With marshmallows! 

Then we set out to see if any of the house bunnies were up and around. I was so excited to meet the biggest of the house bunnies! This is Emma Rose. She loved for us to pat her nose! How sweet!

TJ noticed I was quite drowsy after my big trip, so she showed me to our bunk beds. Wow! I loved them so much, we had Bun-Mom take our picture before be bedded down.

Whew! It was a long cold trip, but I was so happy to arrive safely and find a friend to greet me! I believe I will love this new place called 'Alabama, USA'! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


 This picture wins The Warren award for 'Best Bunny Bottoms'!  It was sent to us from our friend TJ in Alabama who, it seems, has had visitors!

"TJ was so excited to find out two of her friends from overseas lived about an hour away! Their names are Lily Bee and Lullibee. Fortunately, the "Bun-Mom" of the house knows their new Bun-Mom and invited them over!
TJ was so excited, she pulled her bunk beds all the way into the bunny room where the real bunnies live (we don't use the words "real bunny" in front of TJ, she get a little sensitive.)

After TJ introduced her new friends to two of the buns, she said she wanted a group picture. Bun-Mom had to bribe the real buns with food, but TJ and her friends enjoyed watching the buns eat so fast!

After some cartoons and ice cream, I helped take the beds apart so they could have their slumber party with everyone together! What a great time they had, and it really is a small world!"

The Bun-Hut Mom

P.S. Lily Bee and Lullibee belong to Beth Snee, also in Alabama, USA


As Valentine's Day gets closer more and more 'Love Buns' are arriving at The Warren. Some of them have already hopped into the shop...

Fuzzy Love Bun

 Rose Bunny

Blue Love Bun

Libby Love Bun

All these lovelys are in the shop right now - waiting to spread bunny love and fuzziness.  See them all HERE

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Dear Widget and the Bunnymaker
Squidge and Rainbow would like to let Widget and the other bunnies at the Warren know that after a rather long and chilly journey they have arrived in deepest darkest Kent.

Rainbow settled in very quickly to lunch - not sure whether Bunnies like Babybels?? So he tracked down a carrot instead.

The bunnies also made some new friends (Mousey, MooMoo and Kitkat) and tried out their new beds.

With much love
Lucy and Hannah, Squidge and Rainbow

Saturday, 16 January 2010


I can't tell you what an amazing day today has been.  Everything started off as normal, lots of bunnies hopping around getting themselves sorted for breakfast - lots of waffles, toasted tea-cakes and jammy toast combined with cup after cup of tea.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door from the postman.  The Bunny Maker answered and was handing this packaged addresses to 'Murky and Isabow'. 
Goodness!  How exciting!
Murky did the unsticking of the package.  Inside was a small, gold and very prettily tied up present.  Isabow sniffed it.  And sniffed it. 
"No, it can't be", she whispered. 
They both stared at the gift - and listened.  Then they heard it, a little 'meep meep' noise was coming from inside.  As quickly as they could, and as carefully, they unfolded the paper .....

It was Isabow's baby!!  She had been waiting for ages and ages for this to happen and had almost given up.  The baby started to cry (oh no!)....

Isabow knew just what to do ..... Meep had wind!  Murky was still speechless - and as for the bunnies -  well, any excuse for a carrot cake party!

Both Murky, Isabow would like to say a HUGE thank you to NiftyKnits - a lady who can truly knit miracles.  Widget, by the way, would like to say that he didn't think babies came in the post, or were found under gooseberry bushes, he thought that they were made by ....... Widget, shhhhhhhhhhhh!