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Monday, 30 March 2009


There is something new at The Warren. It appeared two days ago and has taken to sleeping in one of my baskets. Things have not been the same since.

At the moment it is wrapped around Widget SockBunny and doesn't seem to have any intention of letting go of him.

Every time the bunnies get too close it wiggles its tongue at them. It seems quite friendly but hasn't said anything so it is hard to know what it wants or where it came from..

The bunnies are trying to think what to do...

Friday, 27 March 2009


Something arrived in the post today for Widget! It's his new sock monkey pal from The Monkey Gang! Widget is thrilled to have such an exotic pal - sometimes he gets tired of Hooverer, Murky and Thing - he can't have a sensible chat with any of them and Hooverer is not speaking to him at all right now after the Great Chocolate Biscuit Fight.

Widget got sent some great hats too! The red one is his favourite although he does love the white bobble on the blue one. The third is a little big and he got all silly with it until I told him off and took it away so he could calm down. So a BIG THANK YOU to The Monkey Gang for our exciting things! Hopefully the start of a long sock friendship.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


I am please to report that bunny has arrived at The Monkey Gang. She has been named Sophie, which she is thrilled about as her new best friend is Smithy The Sock Monkey and their names both start with a 'S'.
here she is with Smithy - be gently Smithy!

I am thrilled that she has such a lovely home. One little member of The Monkey Gang is being posted to The Warren too this week. The bunnies are very impatient to meet him (or her).

Here she is with some of the other monkeys - she looks really happy too.

That is a great place to be Sophie! Smithy can travel much faster than you with his long monkey legs! You can even have a little snooze up there too on long journeys.
Smith is head monkey at The Monkey Gang but there are loads of monkeys there all waiting for new homes. You can see them all here www.monkeygang.co.uk.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The pictures have arrived from Marrakesh! Bunny had a very exciting, if not a bit scary time. Marrakesh was very busy and noisy for a small bunny and the locals seemed to like to skin small creatures which alarmed everyone a bit. The transport was also quite alarming, not least the Easy Jet flight! The bus drivers were terrifying in their steering - poor bunny had to fold her ears over her eyes so as not to look!

Don't get too close Bunny.........
that bunny skin of yours would make a very pretty purse!

You'd better get down from there, Bunny - it doesn't look safe!

Hmmm - not sure about the company you are keeping there, Bunny, isn't that a man in that lovely pink?

Bunny, you really did get yourself into some scary situations! Get away from those porcupine quills double- quick!

Bunny had a very exotic time there, it seems. Right now she is up in Edinburgh but will be back today, hopefully. A quick turnaround and she's off to South Africa for two weeks. It's a long way up Table Mountain - I wonder if she will hop or take the cablecar......

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Should it be allowed? Do they need to wear helmets? Where would their ears go? All these questions are going through my head right now because two little bunnies are in the post right now, heading for South Carolina. They are about to embark on a road trip on a Harley Davidson!!! Arghghghgghhgh! How exciting is that? I packed a carrot for them to take with them, just in case. In case of what I am not sure, but just in case.

Widget Sockbunny now has his own Facebook page with over 65 friends - and that is in about one week! Its because of this that the two bunnies above are off on such an exciting trip. Widget was also contact by Smithy the Sock Monkey, who wanted to be his friend. Widget was thrilled, especially as the sock monkeys come with great knitwear. You can see heaps of monkeys here www.monkeygang.co.uk. The Warren is doing 'an exchange' - a bunny is on its way to be a friend for Smithy and a monkey is coming this way for Widget to play with. Widget is also getting a piece of exclusive, designer monkeygang knitwear! All will be posted when it arrives.

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Easter Bunnies arrive on Ocracoke.

The Easter bunnies have arrived in America!! I've just received the news and pictures at The Warren..

The Easter Sock Bunnies have arrived in Ocracoke! Today at the post there was much bumping and thumping in my box!! When I opened it there they were.....poor dears are exhusted from their long trip, but happy to have the bunny boxes opened and to see each other...such excited chatter!! After a rest they will meet the 5 bedlinton terriers that live here and get their piccies taken out on the deck in the SUNSHINE!! The Easter Sock Bunnies will be staying with me here in Ocracoke until 4. April. They will travel up north to their forever homes with their "Uncle Jerry" when he comes for a visit at the end of the month. In their forever homes they will each have a little girl of their own....Mina, Cassie will have Lolly & Molly and Aria & Elsie will have Waggles and Florry. Aria and Elsie live in the mountains of North Carolina, so Waggles and Florry will have yet another trip. In the summer they will all come for a visit, so at the end of July they will have a Sock Bunny reunion here at my house. My goodness in writing this I realize these Bunnies are going to be VERY busy!!

Love the Easter Sock Bunnies Foster Mum, Trish

Woah bunny! Careful, you are being sniffed big time there! The Warren bunnies are bobbing around worrying about Storey the Bedlington Terrier's bit doggy nose there but I've told them not to worry about doggy sniffing as its just a nice way of saying hello. I'm not sure they are convinced as they are all muttering and squabbling on my desk next to me. We are all looking forward to seeing more pictures soon!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Vegetable Patch

The weather has been so beautiful these last few days, so lovely, in fact, that we have started the vegetable patch. The bunnies have already said what they would like to grow and Widget has been to the garden centre to get the seeds. We have spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce, carrots, lettuce and runner beans so far. Today the sleepers were put in and tomorrow the soil is all being barrowed in - along with loads of rotted manure.

This picture was taken this morning - before anything was done. I don't know how Widget is going to help as those things are really, really heavy! I'm hoping to be able to let him plant some seeds this weekend - it certainly has been a lovely sunny week and feels about the right time to be sowing.

This is all good news on the vegetable front but there is bad news coming! The Bunny Maker's sewing machine has broken and there are six new bunnies who's sleeping bags aren't sewn up at the bottom. This, apparently, is very drafty at night. So the dilemma is: get a new one :) or get someone to fix it.........
The new bunnies can't wait to show you their patterns - heart & skulls and leopard skin - go bunnies go!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bunny update

Lots of new arrivals today! The bunnies at The Warren are busy moving beds around trying to make space for them and generally getting a bit too bouncy, knocking things over and, quite honestly, being a bit of a nuisance. Easter is coming soon and the egg store is beginning to fill up. The egg baskets haven't arrived, which is a bit of a worry, but I am sure they will arrive in time.

This is Sam, one of the newest bunnies. We've had quite a few boys arrive this time which is probably a good thing as the girls can get a bit over-whelming sometimes.

Have a look in the Sock Bunny Shop for the others ....... lots more to come later on too!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


All the new Easter Bunnies have been bought! Molly, Lolly, Waggle and Florry - they are off to America as I type this. Luckily Molly and Lolly will remain together - they were very worried when I told them that they had new homes to go to. I have also been told that there will be lots of pencils and paper for them to write and draw on. They were so happy when I tucked them up into their travelling boxes!
I have also heard from Squiggy, Lulu and Woolly!

"Hi there... just thought you may like to see how Lulu, Wooly and Squiggy are settling in!! They are really happy here, they get up to all sorts around and about the house with us. Lulu and Wooly are making great progress with the English lessons for Squiggy, he's a super student! This morning we all baked a cake together and the bunnies all joined in!!! I've sent you a photo. Hope all the bunnies back at the Warren are pleased to hear from my bunnies. We'll keep in touch!! Much love fom Naomi (and Squiggy) Charlotte (and Lulu) and Oliver (and Wooly) xxx
Naomi Cruickshank xx"

Look how happy they are in their new home! I'm slightly concerned, though, woolly looks like he might just want to jump on that cake there!


It's finished! No, okay, I'm lying! It's all finished but for a big area behind me - so I can't see it when i'm working at the desk! I'd have to move the big heavy chest of drawers to paint the last bits .............. And my new blind isn't quite ready yet either but I can show you that later anyway.

So - what have I been doing in this lovely place? More fish, of course!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Global bunny is back from Kenya! She has had a brilliant time.

Bunny! Are you okay up there?

From her diary:
'Exciting Travels In Kenya'
I've had a wonderful time travelling around the Rift Valley in Kenya. I did not see any other bunnies but did see Zebra and Rhinos! I felt very small! I met a number of children in Kenyan primary school, They loved me and I made lots of friends I've had a super time and even got a suntan! I wonder where I will be going next?

*Ahem* What are you reading, Bunny? A guide book for Marrakesh!
When are you going there? Next weekend? You are going with Tor? Oh my goodness, I hope you won't let her do too much shopping in the markets there. You know what shes like!
Bon Voyage Global Bun! Can't wait to hear about your new trip. See you when you get back....

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Widget's Year - a very exciting project indeed!

I have some very bouncy bunnies here. Right now they are hopping around my feet and generally getting in the way. Widget has been chosen for the Flickr 365 Toy Project! A picture a day for one whole year and no cheating either.A digital camera stores the date you take a picture on and that is automatically uploaded to
flickr. The dates of posting/taking have to match -so you can't shoot 10 in one day and then just add one to the group project each day. No, no, no. It's really enjoyable so far but ask me when I'm on Day 64......

DAY 6: Couldn't you use a smaller one, Widget?

The bunnies are sticking post-its all over my desk with ideas for Widget's picture each day.
Some ideas are useful, some are RIDICULOUS but it is good to see them so involved. The Half an Acre new vegetable patch is being constructed on friday and this is taking their minds off it. I don't think I can stand hearing 'How many more sleeps until the carrot patch arrives?" even one more time.
Widget has his own blog so you can see all his days together. Day 10 has just been posted.
Click here for Widget's Year

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Easter Bunnies arrive!

More comings and goings today - a little group of Easter bunnies arrived at The Warren. There was lots of giggling as they tried to pick their names - I so wish I hadn't made it a policy that they could all choose what they are called - bunnies have no taste and get a bit silly about it all. Florry wanted to be called 'Buttercup' or 'Butt' for short. The other bunnies loved it and I couldn't really explain why it was not appropriate.

The new bunnies are all lovely eastery colours and very bouncy, excited ones at that. The only exception is Waggle, a boy easter bunny who is not quite so pinky icecreamy in colour and a little quieter in nature and with the best, biggest ears - he is skilled in the art of Semaphore - so if your mobile battery runs out you can use him to send messages instead. He didn't want his picture here (no idea why) so you will have to click here to see him.