Welcome to my blog. I am 'The Bunny Maker' - aka Anna, confuzzled mother of three boys, maker of sock bunnies for Widget and Friends, owner of The Warren Bunny Boarding and artist behind Half an Acre. Come on in and join the madness!

Friday, 27 November 2009


I've been a-snakin'.
Makin' and a-snakin'.
Making snakes.
'Widget and Friends' has finally got some friends - snakey friends. I always planned for it to be more than bunnies but hadn't got around to thinking what that more might be. Then one day a snake happened. Actually I saw a pair of tights hanging up in our local shop and though - hmmmm those would make a great snake.
That's how it happened.

There are four new ones in The Warren Sockbunny shop on Folksy - the last load sold right away so hurry if you want one!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

A cry for help.

Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?
I'm down here ...... on the floor, under all the mess.
Please can someone come and get me out?

*several hours pass*

Please ...... is anyone out there? I'm surrounded by threads and paper and wooden bits and spilt paint and socks and
sandpaper and brushes and dust and apple cores .........

Is anyone out there?
Does anyone have a hoover? or a pitchfork?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Look! A rare sight .... Me!

And, yes, that is all my own hair .... before you ask.


I did a swap last week with Helen from Helen Jane's Designs on Folksy. I sent her some wooden stars and she sent me ..... this gorgeous linen, embroidered heart.

It was beautifully wrapped and makes a great gift for when you go a-visiting at Christmas.

I might have to have one every year!

Helen Jane's Designs shop on Folksy

Friday, 13 November 2009


EEEEK! The snakes seem to be arriving, a sure sign of autumn. It's getting a bit parky out at night now so they have slithered and slipped in to curl up in front of The Warren fire. Cheeky things!

This is Slipper. He looks like he's just had a very hot chilli but he really only eats Oreos dipped in milk. He arrived this morning - I opened the front door and there he was, trembling. The poor thing got lost in the dark and it was the only safe, high spot he could find. He said he didn't like the big shiny cheese thing shining in the sky but he couldn't close his eyes, to shut it out, as he doesn't have any eyelids!! Since then he's been sleeping on top of the hot water tank.

Rumple Snake Skin is a sock snake who feels he is misunderstood. He is a big softy even though he looks a little fierce.
The bunnies have been mesmerized by his swirly whirly eyes and whole groups of them keep shuffling infront of him whispering. Rumple finds this VERY irritating.
His favourite food is a jolly nice bit of Brie.

This is Rose. She would love to come and live with you. She enjoys hanging around but is very good at pretending to be a draft-excluder although she does worry about getting dusty or stepped on.
Rose is a quiet snake, prone to sleeping for hours on end, only waking for a warm cup of green tea. She says that coffee makes her stripes go wiggly!

All three have posed for their 'Selling Picture', a name made up by the bunnies, and are ready to go off to new homes for Christmas. Everyone's home should have one!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Our new bunny filling arrived today. We have graduated from buying one bag, at the local fabric shop, to three bags to 1kg from ebay to ....... 10kg of bunny innards!
It arrived just a minute ago.

Pretty big, huh? And heavy too. So we opened it.

Wooooooof! Look what it did! Like when you add sulphuric acid to sugar. (Son No.1 is into this at the moment). Everytime we touch it is gets higher and higher, so we've stopped er ....touching it. Now the problem is this: more and more people are buying bunnies and the stock needed is getting bigger and bigger. Boxes of boxes, 12' high bags of filling, 200 socks waiting to be bunnified. The Bunny Makers room is JUST NOT BIG ENOUGH. The bunnies are offering to build an extension out of old copies of Country Life (Murky and Issabow are using them to house hunt and I haven't the heart to tell them that they won't have enough money for any of them).

But, aside from all this these questions have popped into the Bunny Makers head this morning:

1. Just how many bunnies will all that stuffing make?
2. How high will it get if we 'touch it' again?
3. How scary will it be to realise that I have used up ALL that stuffing?
4. Would it be more amusing if it was pink?
5. Will a nice, strong, hot cup of coffee help?

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The Warren is always very happy to hear from their friends in Holland, Tessa and Little Spotty. A while ago Maureen Sockbunny travelled to live with them ....


A while ago Maureen arrived in Sheidam.
They're as happy as bunnies can be.
Both of them are hopping around the house
Little Spotty and Maureen both typed an email to you and the other bunnies
They also wanted me to send some pictures with this email.
So I did!

Hello Bunnies,
A while ago the mailman delivered a package from the U.K.
As a as curious I was, I hopped around the package hoping that Tessa will open it.
And she did.
She slowly opened the package and then, a sockbunny hopped out!
It was Maureen!
Tessa bought her as a present for me, so that I have a bunny friend.
Maureen and I, we immediately hopped around the house looking for Tuc Sandwich biscuits.
Little Spotty

Hello little bunny friends of mine,

As my new friend already e-mailed, I'm living in Holland now with Little Spotty and a her nice friends.
I was very happy when the travelbox was opened.
Immediately I hopped out of the box and saw Little Spotty. I was very happy to see a bunny.
The long journey made me very hungry, so we hopped around the house looking for Tuc Sandwich biscuits. "But there aren't any Tuc Sandwich biscuits", said Tessa.
I think she hid them from me! So, when she leaves the house, I'm going to sneak around looking for some Tuc Sandwich biscuits.
Lots of love,

Monday, 9 November 2009

Do you need a Norwegian Lurgle?

Well, out from the Sock Toy kit from Hotdogandme a Norwegian Lurgle was born....

These are funny little creatures, designed to clean up after biscuit eating. Usually only found lurking at the edges of Fjords this one seems to have left it's native habitat probably due to the Great Norwegian Biscuit Crisis. In case you are wondering if those are teeth, or tongues you'd be wrong. They are 'sweepers' and perfectly adapted for clearing up crumbs.

He is annoying the bunnies at The Warren with his tickly biscuit sweepers so has been put for sale in the Crafteroo Children In Need shop on Folksy to raise money for the charity.
Do you need any help around the house?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ever met a Norwegian Lurgle?

No? You are just about to then. My pal Hotdogandme sent lots of us Folksters a sock making kit to make whatever we fancied from it. The results go into the Crafteroo Children In Need shop on Folksy to raise money for the charity. The full price of the item goes to the charity. YAY.

My Hotdog kit arrived two days ago and last night I made a Lurgle. I can whip up a bunny in a few minutes (having made nearly 500 this year it is hardly suprising!) but this took me about 3 hours!

Lurgles are funny little creatures, designed to clean up after biscuit eating. Usually only found lurking at the edges of Fjords this one seems to have left it's native habitat probably due to the Great Norwegian Biscuit Crisis.

If you are a particularily messy biscuit eater then this little creature could be just what you are looking for. You can find him in the Crafteroo shop right now - and remember that EVERY PENNY goes to Children in Need.

Click here to go to the shop

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Good news! My orange skull and crossbones came second in the Craftjuice.com Halloween competition - second to the totally deserving Brian the Sockdog from my online chum Hotdogandme. Everyone needs a sock doggie, just as they need a sockbunny. Well done Hotdog!

I've been a little quiet of late, me thinks. *yawn* *stretch*. Last week was half term and we actually 'went somewhere'. Somehow it has always been too much of an effort and all too much money to go anywhere else bar the Isle of Wight. All has changed though - collectively we were desperate to 'go away' so we went to Cornwall and very lovely it was too. We stayed at Gwel an Mor and it was fab. Our lodgy thing was lovely - very, very clean and cosy AND best of all we had a hot tub on the balcony! Three small boys liked that very much. There were wildlife things to go on and the boys got to fly the barn owl, handle the grass snake and feed the rescue foxes.

We went to The Eden Project on the way home which was truely awesome and full of arty visual things which got me ooing and ahhing.

The Core was one of the buildings to visit on the site, as well as the two famous Biomes, and was our favourite place because it housed The Seed and The Nutcracker.

I felt a bit over-emotional watching the video about the making of The Seed. Carved from a mahooosive single block of granite by one man and lowered into place through the building's roof all with accompanying stirring and though-provoking music, followed by much man-hugging and back-slapping when it was finally in place. Very moving. I hope no-one noticed!

Now we are back home and on the 'lunchbox-where-are-my-trainers-I-needed-to-make-a-75cm-roman-shield-and-a-3D-Kensuke's-Island-just-take-a-school-top-out-of-the-laundry-basket' trail again. After emerging from under a pile of laundry I am now under a pile of receipts and papers trying to spread-sheet Half an Acre (nope I haven't done it all along like I should have) before I tackle The Tax Return. I'm even doing monthly sales reports. Some months have only two entries but I'm looking on it as being less work. I'm a glass-half-full kinda gal.
I have lots more to blog about but I must get on with the paperwork - I'm leaning on it right now and the piles are slumping sideways and threatening to merge into one, big avalanche of A4.
More later - as always!


The postman just came bearing parcels full of wonderful goodies.

HotdogandMe had sent us a sock toy making kit! The idea is to make something and put it up for sale into the Crafteroo Children In Need shop on Folksy to raise money for the charity. We are not going to make a Widget-style bunny because the kit contains exciting bags of buttons and felt.

Murky and Issabow are hoping we make a Meerkat baby for them so I'll have to have a little 'life talk' with them - ahem.
Also to be opened was a heavy box from Moo.com. We are all blown away by the way you can pick your designs from the Moo designers pages and make them into cards, stickers etc. The bunnies chose 25 designs for cards to keep them going throughout the year. You can even put a different message inside each card. Awesome.
This is not a very good picture of them as all the bunnies were spreading them out and kept slipping off the table and generally being a bit silly.

It cost £20.99 for 25 cards - under £1 each - much cheaper than the shops and with original designs that you don't see everywhere. (How bored are we of Phoenix cards?). Gotta love that penguin!

Also from Moo ..... dun dun duuuuun .... Widget's Christmas cards!! He was so over-excited that he kept skidding on them and slipping off the table.

Moo have been very impressive so far - these cards came within the week and are really nice quality. I used their Minis to make labels for my Half an Acre wooden stuff ..
If anyone has seen my ball of red and white baker's twine (used for the string in the pic) please could they let me know! I bought if from Flurogoddess on Folksy and it came on a cute wooden peg but I can't find it anywhere! I use it ALL the time and it's gone under a pile of paper somewhere and is nowhere to be found.

From next week you will be able to buy one of Widget's cards and a christmas carrot from the shop on Folksy and have it sent to the person of your choice. Very cute if you sent someone a sockbunny earlier this year.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Widget has been a busy bunny over the last two weeks! He has been off to Cornwall and had a very exciting visit to The Eden Project. Murky and Issabow came too as they wanted to see what sort of houses were on the market down there.
Murky found it amusing to scuttle around exclaiming "What murky weather we are having today!" and Issabow just snuggled deeper into her purple, fluffy scarf. There were lots of people about and it was a bit dangerous for such small creatures on the pathways!

Widget found lots of good spots in which to have his photo taken!
It was pretty warm inside the main Biome and he almost had to take his scarf off! I've been trying to get it off him for ages because, between you and me, if needs a darned good wash.

He got into a bit of a tight spot in the Mediterranean Biome.

The Bunny Maker's boys got busy in the halloween themed tent, making spells and putting their hands into slimy, dark places ....

There were lots of amazing things to see such as the giant junk man and The Nutcracker which illustrates just how much energy has to go into processing something as small as a hazelnut.

Everyone agreed that they would like one of the below very much but couldn't seem to find one in the gift shop. Perhaps they had sold out.