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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cheese Logs

If the Bunny Maker can get a new pet then the bunnies can too!. Widget took delivery today of a Cheese Log (Woodlouse!).  The BM liked the packaging almost as the contents.

Cheesy was really glad to get out of his box as Minxtures hadn't put in any air holes, let alone a door or a window!

Cheesy was a little shy and had to be prized out of the confines of his box.  Widget offered to cut him out but bunnies/knives and woodlice don't mix well.
He came out in the end...

The BM said it must be a bit bright for him, having been crammed in a box for a day or two.  Widget made him stand up and pose for an 'arrival photo'.  Cheesy looked very self-conscious.

Widget is now introducing Cheesy to the fish, the other bunnies, the Thnakes, Meerkats, Hotdog Doggies and goodness knows who else who lives at The Warren.
Poor Cheesy, wait until the BM's boys get home!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The winner is ......

The giveaway is now ended.  The winner is about to be announced right here!. 

sock snake eyeballs in jar

There were 30 eyeballs crammed in.  Outhch!

There were three people who guessed the correct number of Thnake eyeballs in the jar...

Sarah Griffiths:

I think 30 eyeballs and with 6 bunnies already living here we have experience of how to welcome bunnies to our home - we have found a little felty carrot , a cuddle and a play always does the trick !

Karen Scott:
30 eyes and I would give him to my daughter who would cuddle him and love him forever :-)

Lynda Knott:
I think 30 thnake eyeballs are in the jar. If I won a sockbunny I would give it to my 4 year old grand-daughter, who would love it.
As happens with giveaways, The Bunny Maker's Son Number 1 does the choosing, because, without him, none of this would have ever started.

For reasons known to a bunny lovin' 10 year old he has chosen .... Karen Scott.

Dun dun duuuuuuun! Karen, you get to choose your bunny from the shop, chose the colour for your bed and choose the bed linen too.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, there were loads of you, and all the bunnies loved reading about the type of homes they themselves might get to live at.  True bunny heaven at all your homes!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Warren gets a fish.

The other day I took Sons 1,2 & 3 to the garden centre to get plants.  As you do.  We came home with a fish bowl, some purple gravel, 2 nice green planty things and a water filter.  This happened because I found one of those old fashioned proper fish bowls on a dusty shelf in the 'Aquatic Centre'.
'Lets get some fish!' I announced to three surprised boys.
What a spontaneous parent I am.  Ha.
The tank was taken home, filter assembled, gravel plumped, water added, plants planted.  Then we had to wait a blooming 5 days!  No instant gratification going on at all.  Gone are the days of plastic bags from the local fair with a sad fish glooming around only to get plonked straight into tap water and left to stagnate.
Nope - it all has to be aerated now, hence the filter.  The water bubbles like a jacuzzi.

This is one of the fish we were allowed to get after waiting 5 days.  Yup, we had to wait for the water to 'do something' first.  He's pretty cute.  Something looks a little familiar don't you think?  He only ever looks up.
I'm quite worried about him, because he looks a bit gloomy.  I worry he should have some toys to play with, but fish don't play with things.  I feel the need to cheer him up.  Every few days we get to drop in a frozen cube of blood worms.  Oh yum.
There are two other fish - a boring gold one and a Stickleback.  The Stickleback puts up his little stickles if you startle him.  The boring gold one does nothing interesting.
Next to the Stick Insects these fish are pretty damn exciting.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Happy Socks make Happy Bunnies!

"Widget?", said The Bunny Maker, "what are you doing."
Widget had been staring at the computer for some time, deep in thought. 

"I've found some socks for happy bunnies," he said.
"Widget, its says Socks For Happy People, not bunnies!" chuckled The Bunny Maker, "Silly bun."

Widget was reading was all about Proportional Striped Socks.  It said..
 "The proportional stripe shows the whereabouts of the unruly pennies that have gone missing since the penny was introduced in 1971."

"They are organanic too", he said.
"Organic, Widget", tutted the BM.

"Bunny Maker?", said Widget, with that sort of tone to his voice, "happy socks make happy bunnies, and happy bunnies make happy people, so er, can we get some happy socks to make happy bunnies to make people happy?".


They bought these ones ....

In buying a pair of socks, The Bunny Maker discovered that she was also giving another pair of to a Mongolian street child via the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.  That made her happy too.  She was even happier when the socks arrived the very next day!

She set to work.  Two hours later (or maybe not quite that long) a little bunny, who's turquoise-tipped ears show that £11million worth of pennies are lost in handbags and suitcases, was born.

This is, of course, Happy Bunny.  A happy bunny made from happy socks, from Socks For Happy People ....
That's a whole lotta happiness wrapped up in one little bunny!

sock bunny rabbit

Bad Bunnehs.

Woah!  What is that? 

It's a Bad Bunneh.......
The other bunnies are a bit wary of them but they seem to be okay, not causing any trouble.  The Bunny Maker thinks they might just be misunderstood.  Anyway, this one went off to a new home within 10 minutes of having hopped into the bunny shop!
Luckily another was found, lucking in the old daffodil leaves ..

They are very rare, so if you think you can deal with one and can provide a tolerant home then this Bunneh could be just what you are looking for!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New shop on Etsy = Giveaway time!

Widget and Friends has been on Etsy a little while now, but in a quiet, still, kind of way.  Not anymore!  The bunnies are all rushing into the shop there - eager to join some of their cousins who have already gone to live in America.  So ... to mark this new .. er, new thingy, a bunny bed is up for grabs.  Not just any bunny bed but one in your choice of colour, with your choice of bed linen and ..... your choice of bunny!  So much choice, how will you choose!

You can see the beds listed in the shop - see them stacked, see them in lilac :D

This is what you need to do.

1:  Estimate how many Thock Thnake eyeballs there in the the eyeball jar
2:  Become a fan of Widget Sockbunny on Facebook

Then post on the fan page:

A) You eyeball estimate
and your answer to this question
B)  How would you look after your sock bunny if you were the winner?


Closing date: Wednesday 28th April at 4pm GMT

Monday, 19 April 2010

Preparations for Skelly Bunny ...

There has been another commission.  For a Skelly Bunny.  The Bunny Maker did alert the customer's attention to the lovely Hotdogandme Skelly Dogs, but it was a bunny that was wanted. 
Trouble was, The Burrow had no white felt for bones.  The BM, Widget and Skelly Dog thought a shopping trip was in order ....

The BM had to turf them out of the drivers seat as the situation was clearly impossible. She put them on the dashboard, only they got a little hot ...

Come you, you two, stop snoozing!

The BM got the felt she wanted and .... a whole pile of socks that she didn't want.  Well, she did WANT them but, after having done a little stock check, decided that she had quite enough socks at the moment.  The summery colours were too much to resist ......

And the thought of a few super-hero bunnies was way too tempting ...

On returning home Widget and Skully got everything ready even though the BM was getting on with other things.

Everytime she went past The Burrow they were staring, waiting.
"Okay, okay, I'm coming!", was pretty much the stock phrase for the afternoon.  The up shot is that Skully Bun has NOT been made today.  Widget and Skully are STILL fussing around The Burrow, choosing threads and plumping stuffing.

"Tomorrow, I promise," says the BM....

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Bunny 300!

sock bunny

This little bunny and baby are off to live in Arizona! It is also Bunny 300 - the 300th to be rehomed from Widget and Friends.  A carrot is packed into their travelling box just in case they get hungry.  With the eruption of the volcano in Iceland everyone is wondering if there is a plane for them to be taken there on!  Some of the other bunnies are getting out their flying goggles and trying to make a plane from sticks and leaves.

Perhaps there should be two carrots in the box - in case they are held up for a long time.  Perhaps there will just be a saggy sock left in the box!  Oh no! They might starve to death!!  The Bunny Maker is worrying now.....

The Bunny Maker's Shelf Heaven.

I am in shelf heaven.  All the sawing and banging, sanding and waxing is over.  The shelves are all up and everything is on them.  Look ...

Sock Bunny Maker's home

Gaze upon their beauteous shelfiness..........

Sock Bunny Maker's kitchen at home

Added to this heaven, The Burrow shelves are also finished...

Sock Bunny Maker's studio workroom

and I am all moved in and organized ....

Sock Bunny Maker's studio workroom

I'm sitting at that desk right now!
The boys don't seem to mind that their playroom has quartered in size either.  Summer is on it's way and they will be outside most of the time then.  Trouble is, our right-hand neighbours have stolen all our footballs ...... a story for another day.

Cecil C. Bun, Cellist

Meet Cecil, he loves to play the cello.  His father taught him when he was a weeny bunny.  His musical brother, Bertie B. Bun, went to live in Alaska so Cecil is thrilled that he is also off to a new home.

sock bunny playing cello
Cecil C. Bun, Cellist

Bertie B. Bun, Baritone.

The Bunny Maker is wondering if a whole orchestra might end up getting made.
Do you have an idea for a custom Widget and Friends sock bunny?  Pop into the bunny shop and contact The BM here >>>> Widget and Friends on Folksy

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We hope Splash doesn't cause a crash!

Splash has found a new home!  Dotties Cards has bought him for her little boy who has just learnt to ride his bike.  He was offered all sorts of incentives to get him going but he chose a sock bunny!  The Bunny Maker is often asked who likes the bunnies the most.  She always answers that it is small boys who like them best.  Small boys between 6 and 12, just the age you would think that football and other things would take precedent over a soft toy rabbit.  You would be wrong indeed - very wrong.  The bunnies seem to sneak into a part of their psyche which people overlook.  The BM has three small boys.  The BM knows about small boys.

sock bunny

Splash is all tucked up in his travelling box and on his way to his new home.  He can't wait to whizz along on a super-fast bicycle, the wind in his ears, nose a-twitching, catching the smells of spring.  Just don't cause a crash, Splash! 

Monday, 12 April 2010

Meerkat Update.

It's been a while since any news came out about Murky, Isabow and baby Meep.  After their 'on blog' romance, the arrival of their baby Meep and trying to find a new home, everything went quiet.  The recession hit hard for the meerkats and they just couldn't muster enough pennies for a new house so they have had to lodge on The Bunny Maker's shelf in her workroom.

Isabow is getting very fed up as she would like a place of her own.  Nosey Mouse is very nice but she would really like to NOT have to share the place with anyone else.  Meep is getting bigger now and can almost scamper.  He is getting perilously near the edge of those shelves .... Now that spring is here a house will have to be found.

Widget found the below the other day ....

  Pretty scary huh? Nothing like our wonderful Meerkats from NiftyKnits.

The weather has been wonderful lately and the bunnies at The Warren have been spring cleaning, brushing out the dried carrot ends and dust from the ears.  There have been two more new arrivals; Karl, who helped The Bunny Maker out at An Easter Event, and Snake.  Snake just arrived.  He was first spotted sneaking around in the 'after bath' photo of Widget.  Don't know where he came from but it looks like he is here to stay.  He's living in the flowers in The BM's watering can in her workroom..

Karl has been given the new job of 'Carrot Dispenser'. 

He is keeping them all .... er, safe, and promises not to nibble any of them.  They are all for sale in the bunny shop .... the bunnies get hungry in transit, you know!

Buy your carrots here.... CLICK!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Bathtime for Widget

He was grubby.  Very grubby about himself.  Especially the bottom of that stinky sleeping bag.  There were no two ways about it, Widget needed a bath.  It has taken a while to find him ....

But found he was. He made a right old fuss about having his ears untied and smelly old sleeping bag removed.  In fact he refused to speak to the Bunny Maker whilst she was making preparations.

It was ugly but she got him in ....

You could be mistaken but isn't that a bunny enjoying himself just a little in the spring sunshine?
After a swooshing and a minor scrubbing Widget was well and truly squeezed out and dried via tea towel.

Then he was laid out for a lovely snoozle in the sunshine - ears outspread.

As the sun went down Widget was still decidedly damp.  Into the airing cupboard with the underpants and school uniform!

Widget, you look lovely!  Your droopy, saggy ear has gone all perky again and Sprout has come home from the Isle of Wight with us too.

Erm, who's snake is that?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Widget's Easter Break

As is usual Widget went to the Isle of Wight for Easter. The weather was, for the most part, lovely but he still announced the need for a 'double-socker' to keep out the salty sea spray!  It was all blustery and flustery but Widget loved blowing the dust out of his ears and watching his scarf fly in the wind.

Mr BunnyMaker didn't seem to have the required skills for looking after a small sock rabbit.  Widget regretted the sock at that moment until rescued by a tutting BunnyMaker.

Then he found him.  Buried under the wet pebbles by the water, sticking out was a little green shoot.
"Hello", said Widget.
"Hello", said the shoot, "I'm Sprout.  I've been lost on the beach for months".

Sprout was taken home and given a wash (just in case he'd been in 'something nasty') and he and Widget have been inseparable ever since ....

The beach kept Widget and Sprout amused for ages.  They found Snail, who had come a very long way to find Widget.  He said he read his blog.  Hmmm.

Mr BM wasn't asked to look after Widget again after his last display of disregard and the BM showed him how to care properly for a tired, salty bunny ..... a nice, fleecy pocket.  Nothing better.

Back at The Warren (Isle of Wight HQ) Widget hovered annoyingly waiting to open the Easter chocolate. The BM thought the chicks had something a little menacing about them and told Widget to quit lining them up in that way.

Surprisingly Widget didn't eat that much chocolate.  He said that the outer sock he wore earlier was alarmingly tight and he thought a little stoutness might be occurring.  The BM says its not so much about tightness but more about down right filthiness.
"You need a bath, Widget, and you need it NOW!".

Widget has gone missing.